PAX South and True Dungeon

I can’t wait for PAX South!

We’ve taken the boys 2 years in a row, and this year, we have a contingent of 10 kids and 5-6 adults going at the same time. We usually get a hotel room in San Antonio for the weekend that’s within a mile of the convention center. And it doesn’t have to be a fancy hotel, because we end up spending ALL DAY at Pax!

This year, we’ve signed up for the 2-hour long True Dungeon adventure, and I’m super pumped about it… mainly because I think it’s just going to be 10 kids doing it by themselves, without adult supervision!


If you haven’t signed up for the True Dungeon newsletter, you should… so you don’t miss out on it, when they visit your region. Totally worth the price of admission!

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