Pre-made Item Cards for Dungeons & Dragons

Pre-made item cards for Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons has always been a “game of the imagination” for me, but as I’ve been playing DM for the 10-year olds that my son plays with, I’ve learned a few things about playing with 10-year olds in 2015.

One of the things I’ve learned is that they love loot, but they aren’t very good at writing down all of the details about the items they’ve won or found.

To make it easier for the kids to keep track of their loot, I’ve started making cards with all of the details on them.

And even better, when I hand the players these item cards, I tell them “you have the only one of these in the world, so don’t lose it” and they keep track of them, or their character loses that item!

I use Keynote to make the cards, just because the interface is super clean, but you could also use Microsoft Word, or even Google Docs.

To make the cards, I either create an item from scratch, or I copy the details from the Dungeon Master’s Guide or whatever source I’ve found for the item.

The format of the item card is pretty simple:

  • Name of the Item
  • The item’s type and rarity
  • The item description, with whatever effects it has for the wearer/owner.
  • A photo, picture that I’ve downloaded from the internet somewhere. Example: search for “medieval fantasy helmet” and go from there…
  • I use a 2-column layout so that each card is roughly one-column wide, meaning I can get 2-3 or maybe even 4 items on a sheet of paper.
  • I also try to keep the font choices and font styles the same on the item cards, so that they look good for the players.

Then I laminate the cards using a laminator I picked up from Amazon, with these laminating sheets.

Author: The Family DM

5 thoughts on “Pre-made Item Cards for Dungeons & Dragons”

  1. This is a great idea! I constantly have the problem of players leaning heavily on one or two items and forgetting the rest – all because the items have been relegated to a word on their character sheet.

    Any chance you have the cards available to download somewhere? This would be a great resource to share 🙂

    1. Shawn, sorry for not replying sooner… I would put them up for download, but I’m afraid there’d be some copyright issues. My suggestion: search the internet for cool photos, and drop them into a word doc, and then add the text. YMMV.

      1. Thanks for the kind response. Can you at least post a ”dummy” document with a placeholder pic and placeholder details so that we have a template to work from and an idea of what a finished card looks like?

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