The value of a good online Character Generator

We needed a new character for our game this past weekend, and we needed it done in a jiffy, so we Googled “D&D 5e character generator” and found a lot of great resources, but the one that fit our needs the best was from OrcPub.

We very quickly and easily created a 5th Level Tabaxi Rogue/Thief and because all of the bonuses were calculated for us, we got to learn a lot about how to properly apply bonuses to things like “to hit” rolls, damage and saving throws.

As a group of “new players” aged 8-12, I’ve tried to DM in a way that has me saying “yes, and…” vs. “no” to players, so I let a lot of things go… How to use “proficiency bonuses” have always confused the kids as well… so, if they’ve wanted to do something crazy like “attempt to slice off the dragon’s head by doing a double back flip up the wall behind the dragon until I’m 20 feet in the air, and then land on the dragon’s back before taking the fatal slice across it’s neck!” I usually let them get away with the attempt, because it’s such a good story, and I want to reward that.

I also always have a “rule keeper” at the table that tells me what the rules say. Having a set of bonuses calculated for a brand new 5th level character properly taught us all a lot.

Thanks OrcPub!

Author: The Family DM

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